Golf Academy

Notice for golfers

Dress Code


1.Players are advised to make reservation 12 hours in advance in weekdays, 24 hours in weekend. Please report to the Starter ten minutes before tee time. Otherwise, please wait for other schedule as the club arranges.

2.Every player should have his/her own Golf Clubs and a Caddie while playing on the Course.

3.The accompanied guest should dress in golf clothes while on the course who is not permitted to play. The charge is RMB750/9 holes.

4.The palyer 18 years old below should not drive the golf cart.

5.Golfing Pace(18 Holes)- 4 hoursand 10 mins.


1.Single player can play in course before 9:00, after 15:30 during weekdays (Mon-Fri).

2.Two players can play in course before 9:00, after 15:30 during weekend and Public Holiday.

3.In weekdays, 2 to 4 players will be combined a team to play. In weekend and holidays, 3 to 4 players will be combined a team.

4.The Club reserves the right to combine the players into one group..

5.The night play is not opened in the last day of the long holiday. The last 18-hole tee-off time is  17:00 P.m ,  9-hole is 19:00 P.m.


1.Players should not dress in jeans, jeans skirt, leather shoe, top on the course.

2.Players are required to follow the golf etiquette on the golf course and avoid interfering other players by making noises and improper conversation.

ADD:Nanguo Peach Garden, Songgang, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong, China  PC:528234