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Four basic tips help you handle chip shots well


Professional golfer and coach: Ms Zhong Liu Mei

Coach Zhong graduated from Foshan university of technology. Under the enlightenment from coach Niu Lirong and Mucun Zhengfang, coach Zhong who owns ten year coaching experiences has ever been the coach of Golf Club and Extreme Golf club.

Best score: 66 Bogey

Current position: Senior Coach of Peach Garden Golf Club

Hope & desire: cultivate much more genius golfer and make golf truly gain the respect.

Coach Zhong Liumei has ten years experiences on coaching golf. Her profession coaches of systematization did benefit her students and viewer.

Here, Coach Zhong would introduce how to make your chip shots smarter. As Coach Zhong’s advise, there is no exactly said what kind of equipment would be a best choice to aim the shot. Within all clubs from Baffy to 52°, we could choice our club basing on the distance to identify the most suitable one to cut shot. However, nice shot may ensure correct basic manners which are must also.

Drill Tips one:

The location of the ball should be put on the central of two legs.

Drill Tips two:

The foot inclines toward left 10-15 degrees.

Drill Tips three:

Standing with left focus, take an iron approaching.

Drill Tips four:

Eyes should focus on the ball throughout standing to swinging.


The detail make your ball fly higher

Name: Ma Yongfei

Best score: 70 Bogey

Current position: Assist-Coach

Within golf match, golfer may confront barriers, such as pit green and Jungle. We may lose temper and interest if we could not cope with these barriers. For the sake of higher shot, coach Ma advise us to use Short iron to shoot the golf. He also emphasized that once we mind your detailed acts you may get a nice shot and make your ball fly higher.

Act one:

The ball should be posited between the median line of two feet and depend on the left spot. At the same time, our gravity should toward left.

Act two:

Face Angle should be enlarged and we should wait for the face angle open then grip the club.

Act three:

Backswing should ensure the angle for a complete swing.

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